• El Mas d'Alerany

    Rural House

  • El Mas d'Alerany

    Rural House

  • El Mas d'Alerany

    Rural House

Degut a la pandèmia Covid-19, el Mas d’Alerany ha extremat les mesures d’higiene.
Recordem als nostres clients que oferim un allotjament unifamiliar independent.


The Mas d'Alerany is located 600 meters from the village of La Serra d'Almos, between the Ribera d'Ebre, the Priorat, the Montsant and the Serra de Llaberia. It offers the visitor an independent accommodation and at the same time, close to the different attractions of the region. From the terrace you can see two old farmhouses and farmland, in the middle of the imposing mountains of Llaberia and Prades, which invite you to enjoy the view and to stroll through its surroundings. The house has 7 bedrooms with bathroom, a large living room, fully equipped kitchen and terrace, from where you can access the pool for our guests only, prepare a barbecue or play a table tennis game. You will enjoy a comfortable stay in an establishment surrounded by unbeatable views and, above all, a lot of tranquility.

Surrounded by nature

The Mas d'Alerany has the peculiarity of being the epicenter of a large cherry orchard. Around the farmhouse there are thousands of well-arranged cherry trees that first delight us with their white flowers during the month of March. Later, from the end of April, but especially during May and June the flowers have given way to the cherries: red, thick and tasty like no other!


7 rooms, all rooms are double and with private bathroom. The minimum rent is 4 and the other 3 are optional.


Some of the headlines that our visitors have left for us


The environment is ideal for family relaxation, while some are bathing in the private pool, others can read quietly, or swim in contemplation of the views from the terrace.


The dining room is large ... great! It is an ideal place to meet after a refreshing dip in the pool, or to rest after a walk through the dozens of circuits marked around the farm.


The kitchen is fully equipped with all the necessary utensils to make any kind of meal. It is large, so you can work comfortably and it has a table and chairs, ideal for breakfast for the whole group!


The original structure dates from the 15th century, and over time various constructions have been added, making it a very unique farmhouse in these areas. The tower was built during the reign of Philip II to defend against the Sarrais (1580-1585). During the Spanish Civil War, at the Battle of the Ebro (1938), the farmhouse was used as a field hospital. After the war the use was mainly for agricultural tasks. Finally, in 2006, the interior was refurbished to make it a rural home.


In the basement of the Mas, it looks like a crypt, there is the cellar. Chaired by two large boots and a table with very original tiles, it is the ideal place to sample the wines of the land that surrounds us ... those of the DO Montsant, and those of the DOQ Priorat. Or, why not, a tasting of the oils from the DO Siurana. Or, even better, a tasting of our cherries with DO from the Ribera d'Ebre!


The house is organized on two floors. The first has the kitchen, dining room, terrace and four bedrooms with bathroom. In the second one, which can be rented optionally, there are the last three bedrooms with bathroom. The main rooms and the terrace have high speed Wi-Fi coverage Wi-Fi at a high-speed


El Mas d'Alerany està envoltat de natura. Per gaudir d'una passejada, una excursió als turons del voltant o fer un tomb en bicicleta de muntanya només cal obrir la porta de casa. A més col·laborem amb la nostra brigada de bombers molt especial, no podeu deixar de visitar els "Tivissa Donkey Fire Fighters" amagats per alguna parcel·la netejant el sotabosc.

Many travelers have already written about how beautiful and generous the house is. We can only confirm it. It was a very nice time there. on Google
Peter Faltermayr


Choose one of our most popular holiday accommodation options

750 €

4 Rooms with bathroom


Weekends rentals, out of high season and with the possibility of expanding the number of rooms by three more.

2100 €

per week
4 Rooms with bathroom

OneWeek on High Season

Rent all week, in high season and with the possibility of expanding the number of rooms by three more.

1600 €

per week
4 Rooms with bathroom

One Week

Rent all week, out of high season and with the possibility of expanding the number of rooms by three more.


Som al nord de la Ribera d'Ebre,
entre el Priorat
i el Baix Camp